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Kaiser Baas

162 matching item(s) were found.
  Name & Description   Brand   Stock   Price
    Parrot AR drone parrot gears and shaft Parrot   0 in stock   $12.20+GST  
    Meccano M8402 Boeing 787 Dreamliner Meccano   16 in stock   $108.97+GST  
    Sphero Star Wars Force Band by Sphero - Default Title Sphero   0 in stock   $118.57+GST  
  Click to view product images   Orbotix - Sphero 2.0 Smart Ball - part ball and part Robot. One Smart Ball ... Orbotix   0 in stock   $173.91+GST  
    Sphero R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid by Sphero Sphero   0 in stock   $252.95+GST  
    Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Battle-Worn with Force Band by Sphero - the app-enabled Droid. Sphero   0 in stock   $284.58+GST  
    Miscellaneous ANKI Cozmo Robot with 1 Charger (USB power adapter not included) and 3 Inte... Miscellaneous   -1 in stock   $467.96+GST  
    Generic Wonder Workshop Education DW001 Dash - Smart Educational Robot Programme be... Generic   4 in stock   $348.97+GST  
    Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter - Wifi - Free App iOS & Andr... Parrot   14 in stock   $464.00+GST  
    Nyko Makeblock 87010 Mini Caster Wheel Nyko   8 in stock   $4.40+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 14202 6P6C RJ25 Cable 20cm (4-Pack) Miscellaneous   8 in stock   $5.60+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 70552 Socket Cap Screw M4 x 8 - Botton Head (50-Pack) Miscellaneous   16 in stock   $5.60+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 14002 4 x AA Batteries Holder for mBot (Plug 3.0 x 1.7 mm) Miscellaneous   3 in stock   $6.60+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 61414 Cross Plate Miscellaneous   7 in stock   $7.00+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 61216 Plate I1 (Pair, Blue) Miscellaneous   17 in stock   $7.20+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 14204 6P6C RJ25 Cable 35cm (4-Pack) Miscellaneous   19 in stock   $8.20+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 14000 Battery Holder for (6)AA Batteries Miscellaneous   6 in stock   $8.20+GST  
    Paessler Makeblock 13620 IR Controller Paessler   13 in stock   $8.20+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 61412 Plate T-type Miscellaneous   8 in stock   $8.80+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 13801 Me RJ25 Adapter V2 Miscellaneous   6 in stock   $9.00+GST  
    Miscellaneous Meet Edison EDCABLE Spare EdComm Cable Miscellaneous   12 in stock   $9.00+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 61516 Bracket U1-Blue (Pair) Miscellaneous   8 in stock   $7.86+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock Me 10504 Shield for Raspberry Pi Miscellaneous   3 in stock   $8.86+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 61520 U Bracket B (Pair, Blue) Miscellaneous   20 in stock   $10.71+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 13404 LED RGB Strip - Addressable, Sealed (0.5M) Miscellaneous   9 in stock   $11.43+GST  
    ThinPrint Makeblock Me 12802 130 DC Motor Pack ThinPrint   5 in stock   $12.43+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock Neuron P1040018 Magnet Wire (10cm) Miscellaneous   5 in stock   $13.86+GST  
    Miscellaneous Makeblock 13402 Me 7 - Segment Serial Display - Red V1 Miscellaneous   15 in stock   $14.67+GST  
    Meccano M6713 16203 Helicopter Green - 1 Model Starter Sets Assorted Meccano   8 in stock   $15.07+GST  
    Meccano M6713 16204 Pocket Bike Mini Moto Blue - 1 Model Starter Sets Assorted Meccano   4 in stock   $15.07+GST  

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